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Off-campus access to library resources is limited to currently registered students, currently employed faculty and staff, and faculty emeriti. Alumni are authorized for off-campus access to selected databases. See the instructions listed in the description of each alumni database. Off-campus access for other users is strictly prohibited by license agreements.

  • A status of "registered" is determined by the Registrar. Note that if a student has not registered and paid for classes by the first week of term, the student will no longer be registered for the course.
  • A status of "employed" is determined by Human Resources (for staff) or the Provost Office (for faculty).
  • A status of "alumni" is determined by Alumni Relations.

How to Access Library Resources from Off-Campus

When you click on a library resource from off-campus, you will see the university login page (see image below) and be prompted to enter your NetID and Password.

If you have successfully logged in with your NetID and password but do not have access to the selected resource, you will see the Off-Campus Library Access page (see image below). This means that you are not eligible for access. Please follow the instructions on the page.

If you log in with your netID and password and receive a different error message or page, please screencap or save the error message. Contact us by the Ask Us options on the right side of this page, and we will assist you. 

Troubleshooting Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

You do not see the university login page.

  • Make sure you are accessing library resources from the library website, not through another website or from a Google search.

You can see the university login page, but you cannot log in.

  • Your NetID login is what you use to to log into your Biola account.
  • If you do not know your NetID information, use the "Forgot your NetID or password?" link to reset your password.
  • Alumni may need to contact IT to get their NetID information, if the above procedure does not work.

You successfully logged in with your NetID information, but you are seeing the Off-Campus Library Access page.

  • If you are seeing the Off-Campus Library Access page, there is nothing wrong with your NetID login. However, you are not authorized for off-campus access to library resources.
  • Follow the instructions on the page.
    • For students, verify that you are currently registered for a class. In your student account, you should see that the task has been completed. If you registered for a class today, try accessing library resources tomorrow morning.
    • For employees, verify that you are employed by Biola.
  • Note that alumni only have access to selected resources.
  • On rare occasion, users may have filtering software, such as Covenant Eyes, that is blocking access. Override the blocked website or configure the software to allow access. Duck Duck Go and Zotero extensions have also been known to disrupt access to library resources. You may need to uninstall those extensions to receive access to Library resources if they are causing the access issues. 

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